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Envy upsets Sentinels in quarterfinals, moves to semi-finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin

Envy defeat defending champion Sentinels 2-0 in North American derby quarterfinals of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin. Envy will now face another North American squad 100 thieves in semi-finals of VCT Masters 3.

Envy defeat Sentinels in quarterfinals of VCT stage 3 Masters Berlin.

The elimination of defending champions Sentinels so early from the tournament is a big upset. Sentinels finished masters 3 with a 5th-8th place finish and $25,000 but the good news for Sentinels is that they are already qualified for VCT 2021 Championship as they have secured the number 1 spot in North American circuit leader board.

Sentinels vs Envy quarterfinals result VCT Masters Berlin-

Envy were the #3 seed from NA whereas Sentinels were #1 seed from NA, before the masters 3 Sentinels were looking unbeatable but in Masters Sentinels looked mortal and lost to g2 esports in group stages and also dropped a map against Korean team F4Q. They faced Envy in quarterfinals as Sentinels were the #2 seed from group D whereas Envy were #1 seed from group B.

Envy picked Haven as their map pick and dominated the first half 9-3. Sentinels had an insane comeback and forced the overtime, but Envy kept their composure and won the map 15-13 to took a 1-0 lead in series.

Sentinels picked Split, Envy looked strong again and took the map convincingly with a score of 13-7 and won the series 2-0 to take the spot in semi-finals.

Envy won this quarterfinals matchup 2-0 to move onto semi-finals. Envy will now face 100T in semi-finals on September 18, 20:00 CET.


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