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DreamLeague Season 22 Qualifiers Results - All Teams and Schedule

The Qualifiers of DreamLeague Season 22 has finished and all the 16 participating teams have been finalized. The DreamLeague 22 will start on February 25th and will have a million USD prizepool.

DreamLeague 22 qualified teams
via: ESL Dota 2 Twitter

DreamLeague 22 Teams

There will be 16 participants in DreamLeague, out of those, 4 were directly qualified through ESL Pro Tour Rankings. Whereas the rest 12 spots were decided by the regional qualifiers.

  • BetBoom

  • Gaimin Gladiators

  • Xtreme Gaming

  • Team Liquid

  • OG

  • Tundra Esports

  • Team Secret

  • Team Spirit


  • Klim Sani4

  • Azure Ray

  • G2.iG

  • Aurora

  • Team Falcons

  • Shopify Rebellion

  • Heroic

DreamLeague Season 22 Qualifiers Results-

Twelve spots in the DreamLeague were decided by the regional qualifiers. The qualifiers were played in 7 regions.

  • Western Europe - Three teams qualified from WEU: OG, Tundra Esports and Team Secret.

  • Eastern Europe - EEU also has three spots: Team Spirit, VP and Klim Sani4

  • China - Azure Ray and G2.iG qualified from China.

  • South East Asia - From SEA, Aurora qualified.

  • MEAN - Team Falcons

  • North America - Shopify Rebellion

  • South America - Heroic

DreamLeague 22 Schedule and Format

The 22nd season of DreamLeague will start on February 25th. The first phase will be group stage 1.

In the first group stage, teams will be divided into 2 groups of 8 teams each. The top 4 teams from each group( 8 teams) will move on to the next stage and the remaining 8 teams will be eliminated.

The next phase will be Group Stage 2, in which every team will play against each other once in a round-robin style group. The top 4 teams will qualify for the playoffs whereas the remaining will be eliminated.

The playoffs of DreamLeague 22 will start on February 25th. The top 2 teams from the second group stage will be in the upper bracket finals whereas the 3rd and 4th seeds will face each other in the lower bracket semi-finals. The grand finals will be played on March 10th.


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