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DPC Western Europe - Team Liquid finished top, Alliance eliminated to Division 2

Tour 1 of Dota Pro Circuit season 15 WEU has ended and Team Liquid secured top position in opening tour of 2022. The top team of previous season, Alliance has been demoted to Division 2 along with Coolguys.

Along with team Liquid Tundra, Tickles and OG qualified for the regional finals which will be a replacement event for the Major because of safety protocols.

Dota 2 DPC western Europe result and standings Division 1

DPC Western Europe Division 1 final standings -


DPC points


Team Liquid


Regional final

Team Tickles


Regional final



Regional final



Regional final



Division 1



Division 1



Division 2



Division 2

DPC WEU tie breakers result -

After the regular season ended top2 teams and bottom 2 teams were fixed but the rest 4 teams were tied for third position. Secret, Nigma, OG and Tundra all had 4 wins and went into tie breaker. In the Tiebreakers every team faced each other in a one game series, this tiebreaker was very important as the top 4 teams in this tour would have qualified for the regional finals.

Tundra dominated the tie breakers and won all 3 of their games and secured third place finish. On the other hand Nigma lost all three games and had to satisfy wit just a 5th place finish. This left OG vs Secret in final game of tiebreakers, the winner would have qualified to regional finals and would have got 30 DPC points, OG came out ton the top in this game and managed to secure a top4 finish in Dota 2 DPC season 16.

This season in Western Europe was supposed to be unpredictable and chaotic, and it was very unpredictable in the end. Almost every went under a massive roster changes in Europe region, but still teams like Secret were still the favourites after the addition of Sumail and iceiceice. The first place by team Liquid was not a very big surprise but the second place finish by Team Tickles was a big surprise.


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