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Dota 2 TI 10 Main Stage Playoffs Day 1 result | TI 10 Day 2 playoffs Schedule

Dota 2 TI 10 main event and playoffs started on Tuesday, October 12. The opening ceremony held in Arena Națională in Bucharest, Romania. Four more teams got eliminated after Day 1 of Main Stage Playoffs, with $600,000 USD prize money. 4 best of 3 series will be played on Day 2 of playoffs main event.

Dota 2 TI 10 main event playoffs result

Dota 2 TI 10 Playoffs Main Event Day 1 Results-

The Day 1 of the playoffs had 6 series - 2 upper bracket series and 4 lower bracket elimination best of 1 games.

Upper Bracket

Invictus Gaming vs Team Spirit-

China's IG faced CIS roster of team Spirit in upper bracket opening series of main event. IG came out on top after 3 super close games. IG won the series 2-1 and moved to upper bracket round 2 where they will face Team Secret. Team Spirit dropped down to lower bracket and will face Fnatic in BO 3 elimination series.

OG vs Team Secret-

This series was the most hyped series of the day 1. The 2 time defending champion OG faced Team Secret in upper bracket round 1. The series result was unexpected as Team Secret destroyed OG and won the series 2-0 in a super one sided fashion. Teams Secret will now face IG in upper bracket round 2 and OG dropped down to lower bracket where they will face Quincy Crew in BO3 elimination series,

Lower Bracket

Day 1 had 4 lower bracket round 1 series, all the series were best of 1 and was for elimination from the event. Undying, Aster, beastcoast and Elephant got eliminated from The International 10. They all leave the tournament with $600,300 USD prize money and a 13th-16th place finish. Here are the result of all the lower bracket games on Day 1-

  • Fnatic defeat Team Undying, will now face Team Spirit in lower bracket round 2 in a BO3 elimination series.

  • Quincy Crew eliminates Aster, QC will face OG in lower bracket round 2 in a BO3 elimination series.

  • Alliance won against beastcoast, will face the looser of T1 vs PSG.LGD in lower bracket.

  • EG defeat Elephant, EG will now face the looser of game in between VG an VP.

Dota 2 TI 10 Main Event playoffs Day 2 Schedule-

Day 2 of the Main Event of TI 10 will have 4 best of 3 series- 2 upper bracket and 2 lower bracket.

T1 vs PSG.LGD - Upper bracket

VP vs VG - Upper bracket

Team Spirit vs Fnatic - Lower bracket

OG vs Quincy Crew - Lower Bracket


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