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Dota 2 DPC season 16 tour 1 Schedule, Format and Teams

Dota 2 new season has begun. All regions DPC tour Division 2 has already been started from November 29th and now the Division 1 will begin from November 30th. The 2021/2022 season of Dota pro Circuit will have 3 Tours.

  • Tour 1: Nov-Jan

  • Tour 2 : Mar-Apr

  • Tour 3: Jun-Jul

All the Division 1 events will have a prizepool of $205,000 USD whereas Division 2 events will have $75,000 USD prizepool. The format of all the DPC circuits will be same and will have a round robin format. The teams will also receive points according to their position for the regional Dota Pro Circuit leaderboard.

DPC Season 16 Division 1 Schedule and Teams-





Western Europe

Secret, OG, Alliance, Liquid, Nigma, Tundra, Tickle, CoolGuys

Dream Hack

Nov 30- Jan 22

North America

EG, Qunicy, Undying, Zoomers, Toobased, Arkosh, D2, Black n Yellow


Nov 30 - Jan 22

South East Asia

T1, TNC, Fnatic, Execration, SMG, Ob.Neon, Boom, MTG

Beyond The Summit

Dec 1 - Jan 22


PSG.LGD, Aster, Vici, IG, Ehome, RNG, Phoenix, LBZS

Perfect World

Jan 3

Eastern Europe

VP, Spirit, AS Monaco, Unique, PuckChamp, Navi, HellRaisers, Empire

Epic Esports

Dec 2 - Jan 23

South America

No Ping, Beastcoast, Thunder Predator, Infamous, Hokori, SG, Lava

4D Esports

Dec 2 - Jan 23

Every region will have total of 16 team participating, 8 in each division. Bottom 2 teams from Division 1 will relegate to Division 2 whereas top 2 teams of Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1, other 6 teams will continue in same division for next tour. Also the winner of Division 1 of each region will be qualified for playoffs of Major.


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