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Dota 2 Berlin Major Playoffs Results: GG won Berlin Major

Updated: May 8, 2023

Dota 2 Berlin Major is in its playoff stage, with 12 teams competing for the 500k USD prize pool along with some DPC points.

Dota 2 Berlin Major playoffs results

The ESL One Berlin Major started on April 26th with 18 teams competing in the group stages. Out of all those teams 12 teams qualified for the playoffs, 8 in the upper bracket and 4 in the lower bracket.

Berlin Major Playoffs Results

On the final day of Dota 2 Berlin Major, Team Liquid and 9 Pandas faced each other in the lower bracket grand finals to secure the final spot in the Grand Finals of Berlin Major. Team Liquid won 2-0 against 9Pandas to reach the grand finals.

GG and Liquid faced each other once again in a tier 1 event's grand finals. This season GG always had an edge over team Liquid and this time was no different.

Gaimin Gladiator won the first game in this best of 5 series, Team Liquid came back and tied the series at 1-1. But after that, GG dominated Team Liquid and won the grand finals 3-1.

The Day 5 of the Berlin Major was its second last day. Gaimin Gladiator beat 9 Pandas in the upper bracket finals and moved to grand finals. In lower brackets EG beat OG, but later on lost to Liquid in lower semi-finals.

On Day 4 of the playoffs of the Berlin Major had three very important games. The first two games were the lower bracket round 2 games, Team Liquid beat Aster 2-0 and EG beat Talon 2-0 in those games. With this loss, Aster and Talon got eliminated from the Dota 2 Berlin Major.

Later on the day, Team Liquid faced Tundra Esports in the lower bracket quarterfinal, Team Liquid won 2-0 and eliminated Tundra Esports from the 2023 Berlin Major. Team Liquid is now in the lower bracket finals.

All the series except the grand finals in the playoffs will be best of 3 series and grand finals will be a best of 5 series. The winner of Dota 2 Berlin Major will receive 200K USD and 500 DPC points.

Dota2 Berlin Major group stage final Results

Gaimin Gladiators and Tundra Esports won their respective groups in the Dota 2 Berlin Major. The Western Europe teams continue to dominate on the international Dota 2 stage. In group A for the 5th-6th seed, Aster, EG and BetBoom faced each other in the tiebreakers where BetBoom got eliminated and the other two moved on to playoffs.

Dota 2 Berlin Major Leaderboard

Dota 2 Berlin Major 2023 had 18 teams competing for the 500K USD prize pool and DPC points for the International 2023 qualifications.



Prize USD

DPC Points


Gaimin Gladiators




Team Liquid












Tundra, OG




Aster, Talon




Spirit, Xtreme, Shopify, PSG.LGD




BetBoom, beastcoast




Execration, SMG







ESL Berlin Major Format

All 18 teams are divided into two groups of 9 teams each. The group stages will be played for 5 days, April 26th-30th. On the first four days, each team will have two games (except two teams from each group) and on the final day, teams will play one final game.

The top 6 teams from both groups will qualify for the playoffs which will begin from May 1st. Top 4 seeds of each group will be in the upper bracket quarterfinals whereas 5th and 6th seeds will fight in the lower bracket.


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