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CS2 IEM Sydney Playoffs: 6 teams remain | Schedule and Results

The Counter-Striker 2's first LAN event, IEM Sydney's playoffs are starting from October 20th. The final 6 teams remain to win the first-ever CS2 LAN event. The winner will get $100k from the $250k prizepool.

IEM Sydney playoffs schedule and result

IEM Sydney Playoffs Starts Today: Schedule-

The playoffs will have six teams compete for the title of first-ever CS2 LAN winner. After the group stage 6 teams made their way to the playoffs, 3 from each group. The group winners G2 and Mouz are directly qualified for the semi-finals. Both groups' second and third seeds will face each other in the quarterfinals on Friday.

Quarterfinals October 20th, starts 16:30 AEDT

  • BetBoom vs Complexity - The winner will face G2 Esports

  • ENCE vs Faze - The winner will face Mouz

The playoffs will be single elimination games BO3 series.

IEM Sydney group stage final results-

In Group A final, BetBoom faced Mouz for the first seed and the semi-final spot. Mouz won 2-1 in a close series to qualify for the semi-finals. In the lower bracket final Faze Clan and GamerLegion played each other for the final spot in quarterfinals from group A. Faze Clan won 2-1 to qualify for the playoffs.

In the group B finals, G2 Esports beat ENCE 2-0 to move onto semi-finals of IEM Sydney 2023. In the lower bracket finals Complexity defeated Monte 2-0 to eliminate them and qualify for playoffs quarterfinals.

IEM Sydney 2023: Prizepool and Results

IEM Sydney has $250K prizepool which will be divided among all 16 teams.













GamerLegion, Monte



Navi, Apeks, Cloud9, Fnatic



Vitality, Vertex, Lynn Vision, Grayhound



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