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CS:GO completes 9 year of their release | CSGO's most iconic moments

Most iconic FPS game of all time Counter Strike Global Offensive completes 9 year of release. The game was released by Valve in 2012 and was a new and fresh surge in Counter Strike franchise.

Counter Strike was known for their game 1.6 which is still an iconic game, Valve then tried to expand the game by releasing source which was a disappointment for casual players as well as pro players. Then Valve in 2012 decides to release the Global Offensive, fans were uncertain about the another iteration of counter strike game but soon realised that this will be the new face of franchise.

Most Iconic and Broken CS:GO guns-

CS:GO is now a days pretty solid and balanced game, but the game has also seen its fare share of unbalanced and broken things.

These were the most broken guns in CS:GO history which now become the iconic guns -

  • 2015 R8 revolver

  • Early days of AWP

  • Five-seven

  • pre-nerf P250

  • 2014 Tec-9

  • 2019 AUG and Krieg

  • The 2018 CZ75

CS:GO's Esports Scene -

Global Offensive has arguably the biggest esports scene of any game. During these 9 years CS:GO managed to make an amazing community and pro scene in whole world. Old Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and 2018-19 Astralis were arguably the most dominant teams in CS:GO history.


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