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Crazy Racoon beat Northeption, Qualifies to Berlin Masters | VCT Japan Challengers Playoffs

Crazy Racoon defeats Northeption 2-0 in upper bracket final of VCT Stage 3 Japan Challengers Playoffs. With this win CR secured a top 2 finish and qualifies for Berlin Masters.

CR were the Stage 2 Challengers Playoffs winner and represented Japan at Reykjavik Masters. They were the favourites coming to stage 3 and despite some roster changes dominated in this region. They are still unbeatable in Challengers Playoffs as they are currently 6-0 in 3 series played and haven't lost a single map.

Crazy Racoon vs Northeption result- VCT Japan Challengers Playoffs :

CR faced Northeption in upper bracket final matchup, winner of this game would have qualified for Berlin Masters and grand Finals of Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs.

Map 1, Nth picked split. CR dominated entire first half and end up with a score of 10-2. Nth tried to pull off an epic comeback but CR managed to stick on the lead and closed out map 13-10.

Map 2, CR picked Breeze. After a close first half, CR had an amazing showing in second half of the map and won their map pick 13-11 and series 2-0.

CR are now in Grand Finals of Challengers Playoff. As for Northeption they are now dropped down in lower bracket finals where they will play Zeta Division. The winner of this matchup will secure the last spot from Japan region in Berlin Masters and also will move onto grand finals to face Crazy Racoon.


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