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Bravos wins IEM Fall South America, Sharks qualifies for PGL Major

Bravos defeat Sharks in grand finals of IEM Fall South America

Brazil's Bravos Gaming win Intel Extreme Masters season 16 - Fall South America. They defeat Sharks Esports 3-0 in grand finals and took $5,500 grand prize. Despite the loss in grand finals of IEM Fall, Sharks esports managed to stayed at number 1 in regional ranking and qualified for PGL Stockholm Major.

Bravos gaming had an amazing showing in IEM fall and dominated the entire tournament, they just dropped 1 map in their run. In the Grand Finals they had a rematch of upper bracket finals against Sharks esports. In upper bracket Bravos won this matchup 2-1, but this time they didn't gave them any chance in finals.

Bravos vs Sharks Grand Finals Result IEM Fall -

Bravos Gaming won the grand finals by sweeping Sharks 3-0 in a BO5 series. Bravos had a 1 map default win as they were the higher seed by winning in upper bracket finals, so the series start with a 1-0 lead in favour of Bravos. Map 2 was Vertigo, Bravos barely managed to win the map in overtime 19-17. Third map was Dust 2 and was a one sided contest, they won the map 16-7 and took the finals 3-0.

After winning Bravos won $5,500 point, Sharks took $3,000 and MIBR won $1,500 from $10,000 grand prize pool. Sharks managed to climb to number 1 after this event in regional major ranking of South America and qualified for PGL Major Stockholm as a contender status. Sharks Esports will be the only South American representative in major.


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