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Blast Premier Springs Group 2022 play-ins schedule and format | G2, OG and Faze won group stage

The first tier 1 event of 2022 csgo season is moving onto its play-ins stage after a successful group stages. Blast Premier spring groups 2022 playoffs will be starting on February 3rd, Thursday. This event will also be the showcase of each teams new roster, almost every team is entering the 2022 csgo season with some roster changes.

Blast Premier Spring groups 2022 will be one of the tournament of Blast which will be a qualifying event for the Blast Premier WORLD FINALS 2022. From this event team will qualify for spring finals and from there to world finals.

Blast Premier Springs 2022 - Results, Teams and matchups :

Total of 12 teams are participating in Spring groups 2022 and all of them will be playing in playoffs. The groups stage decided the seeds of each team in playoffs and also in which gauntlet (bracket) will they be playing in.

G2, OG and Faze Clan has won their respective groups and secured a spot in finals of each gauntlet. Second seeds from each group - NiP, Astralis and vitality are placed in semi-finals whereas the remaining 8 teams will be fighting in quarterfinal elimination games. So far the 0-2 start of Navi is the biggest upset in the tournament. They will be starting the play ins in quarterfinals against Team Liquid which will be an elimination game.

Semi-finals and finals of each gauntlet will be double elimination and teams will get two chance to move on. Winners of upper final and lower final of all 3 gauntlet will qualify to Spring finals whereas the remaining 6 teams will be competing in spring showdown for a chance to qualify for spring finals.


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