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Blast Premier Spring 2022 quarterfinal result | mibr, Navi and BIG moves to semi-final

Blast Premier Spring groups 2022 play-ins has started, first day had three elimination games. Mibr, Navi and BIG won their respective quarterfinals game and moved onto semi-finals. Quarterfinals were elimination game whereas semi-finals will be double elimination game which will be played today, February 4th Friday.

Blast Premier spring groups quarter finals result and semi-final schedule

This event was another disappointment for North America as all three of their representatives, Liquid, EG and Complexity got eliminated on first day of eliminations. These teams were entering the 2022 season with new roster and will surely look better with more time together. All of them will now play in spring showdown for a chance to qualify for Blast Spring Finals 2022. Three of them won $5,666 USD and 600 blast points each.

Mibr vs Complexity Blast Spring groups 2022 quarterfinal result-

In the first play-in game of the Blast Premier Spring Groups, Mibr faced Complexity in a best of 3 elimination series. This series was very close as both the maps went 29 and more rounds. Mibr won the series 2-0 (Nuke 16-13, Ancient 16-14) and moved onto semi-finals where they will face Team Vitality in gauntlet 1, whereas G2 is already in the final of first gauntlet.

Navi vs Team Liquid Blast Spring groups 2022 quarterfinal result-

Second quarterfinal of the day was in between world number 1 and NA's number 1 Team Liquid. So far Navi had struggled in this event and everyone had high hopes for this new Liquid roster, but NAVI took the series 2-0 without much struggle. They won Mirage 16-12 and Ancient 16-12 to move onto semi-finals where they will face NiP in an double elimination game. OG esports is in final of this gauntlet.

EG vs BIG Blast Spring groups 2022 quarterfinal result-

Final series of the day was in between the new roster of Evil Geniuses and BIG for a chance to move onto semi-finals. This was the only series of the day which went into all three games. EG came out strong and took the first map overpass 16-8, BIG replied back by winning back to back maps on Dust 2 (16-12) and Vertigo (16-10) to win the series 2-1. BIG will now face Astralis in semi-final of third gauntlet, Faze is in the final of this gauntlet.

Blast Premier Spring groups 2022 semi -final schedule today-

Second day of playoffs of Blast Premier Spring Groups 2022 will have three semi-final games of all gauntlets. The winner will move onto finals while the looser will drop down to lower bracket for second chance.

  • mibr vs Team Vitality (13:00 CET)

  • NiP vs Navi (16:30 CET)

  • Astralis vs BIG (18:30 CET)


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