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Best Budget Microphone For Streaming: FIFINE K669b review

Need a great microphone for your streaming and podcasts but tight on budget, check out FiFine K669b condenser USB microphone. This budget microphone is generally available at around 35$-40$ or under Rs.3000.

Check out at Amazon.

A USB microphone priced at an entry-level should serve starters well: you do not have to possess the knowledge and skills of an experienced audio engineer. All you need to do is plugging, all you need to know is if it is work.


  • Volume control knob

  • All metal sturdy body

  • USB connector

  • High audio quality for this price point

  • Comes with a descent tripod

  • Plug and play

  • Small and Compact size


  • No headphone jack

  • Condenser mic so catch sound from around your room

  • Non-detachable USB connector

  • Distortion at higher gain levels

So the verdict is, this is probably the best budget microphone at this price range, providing you possibly the best raw quality audio for this price. If you are on a tight budget you must checkout this microphone at least once.

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