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Best Budget Gaming Monitor under in 2024 | 6 Cheap 144hz monitor under $200

Updated: Mar 7

In 2024, you can easily find a good gaming monitor under a budget of $200 with a refresh rate of more than 144hz. The gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace, and product manufacturers are competing to provide solid products at a lower and lower price range. A good gaming display is a must for a great visual experience.

These are some of the best budget gaming monitors you can buy for under $200 in 2024. We will be reviewing our top 6 picks in this list.

Best Budget Gaming Monitors

Our Top Picks for Gaming Monitors on a Budget

Best overall Budget Gaming Monitor in 2024

In 2024 with a wide variety of gaming monitors available to consumers it can get quite confusing. But this wide variety also reduces prices for quality gaming monitors. A very good Gaming Monitor can easily be found under a budget of 200$.

Acer Nitro ED270R is one of the best gaming monitors in 2024 which is available under the 200$ budget mark. This monitor comes with a 1080p 27-inch display which is curved and has a VA panel. This monitor is available in 144hz, 165hz and 200hz.

Acer Nitro gaming monitor

Acer Nitro ED270R is one of the few 27inch monitors available under 200$ which also has a high refresh rate. This big screen and high refresh rate along with its curve provide an immersive gaming experience. Due to its 27-inch size and curved display, it becomes a good choice for console players as well as for single-player adventure games.

6Buy Best Cheap Gaming Monitors to buy in 2024

Asus Vg24 monitors


  • 1080p - 24 inch monitor

  • 165hz refresh rate

  • NVIDIA G-sync for a smoother experience

  • 0.5 ms GtG response time

  • Height, Swivel and Tilt adjustable stand

  • ASUS eye care blue light filter

ASUS VG24 is a very good high-performance monitor on a budget and has a very ergonomic design for gamers. This monitor comes with a 165hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-sync for a smooth and fast experience.

AOC gaming monitor


  • 1080p - 27 inch monitor

  • 180hz refresh rate

  • AMD FreeSync Premium for a smoother experience

  • Height, Swivel, tilt and Pivot adjustable stand

  • Clean design with small bezels

One of the most affordable 27-inch monitor with 180hz refresh rate.

Z edge monitor


  • 1080p - 24inch monitor, 1650R curved

  • 180hz refresh rate on DP, 144hz on HDMI

  • AMD FreeSync Premium

  • Built-in speaker but has poor quality


  • Only tilt adjustable

  • Fragile build

Z-edge UG24 is a less known but rising gaming monitor in the lower budget category. This monitor comes with a higher 180hz refresh rate and a curved display but lacks the adjustment options.

We have this monitor in our list as our only wide screen curved monitor.

Crua monitor curved


  • 2560x1080, 21:9, 1500R WFHD 200HZ, VA Screen

  • 144hz/200hz refresh rate

  • 1ms response time

  • Available in 24,27 and 30 inch

  • Wall mountable

  • Only Tilt adjustment

LG 24inch monitor


  • 1080p - available in 24 and 27 inch versions

  • 165hz refresh rate

  • 1ms response time

  • AMD Freesync Premium

  • 3 side bezel less display


  • Only Tilt adjustable

Acer Nitro monitor ED270R


  • 1080p - 27inch monitor

  • 165hz refresh rate, 1500R Curved VA Display

  • AMD Freesync Premium, 1ms response rate

  • Tilt, Swivel and Height adjustable

  • Modern design with red accents

A feature packed gaming monitor from ACER with a 27-inch curved display, and 165hz refresh rate. This monitor has red accents for that bold gaming look and also all the adjustment options for long gaming sessions.


Before buying a good gaming monitor you need to decide your priorities. Whether you need a curved monitor, a 24 or 27-inch monitor, which refresh rate do you need, and what will be the main use of the monitor? All these variables play a crucial part in buying a Gaming Monitor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best budget gaming monitor?

According to us, Acer Nitro ED270R is one of the best gaming monitors you can buy on a budget. It is a curved 27-inch monitor with a higher refresh rate of up to 200hz.

What size monitor is best for Gaming?

A 24 and 27-inch monitor are generally the most preferred size of a gaming monitor. A 24-inch monitor is ideal for competitive games whereas larger screens are good for casual games.

Best 144hz Budget Gaming Monitor

The refresh rate of a gaming monitor is a very important feature in deciding the monitor. In 2024, with so much advanced graphics in games and high-performance hardware, a 144hz monitor is now almost a must to enjoy the complete gaming experience.

There are so many good options currently in the market to choose from, in this list we give you some of the best gaming monitors to buy in 2024 for a budget of under 200 USD.


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