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Kamisato Ayato complete guide- Genshin Impact 2.6 banner reveal

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The Genshin Impact version 2.6 is releasing on March 30th with the new awaited character Kamisato Ayato and the new region called Chasm. Along with Ayato, Venti will get his re-run banner in the first phase of 2.6. Ayato and Venti banner will feature Xiangling, Sucrose and Yunjin as 4 star characters, which pushes this banner to be a top tier banner.

Genshin Impact 2.6 Kamisato Ayato reveal and guide

In 2.6 Ayato's signature weapon will also be available for players to pull on. Haran Geppaku Futsu will be a 5 star sword with crit rate stat, at level 90 this 5 star sword will have 608 Attack and 33.1% crit rate. Additionally this sword will provide elemental damage boost and normal attack damage bonus. This sword will be available on weapon banner in first phase of 2.6 along with Elegy for the End (5 star bow).

Hoyoverse is also releasing two new artifact set in the Chasm Area and one of which is dedicated for Ayato called Echoes of a n offering. This artifact set will boost normal attack damage and will provide a atk% bonus.

For the new players this banner is insane, as along with Ayato the featured 4 star characters will make a perfect team. This team will have Ayato as main on field damage dealer, Xiangling as off field damage dealer and pyro applier, Yunjin as normal attack damage booster for Ayato and Sucrose as resistance shredder and elemental mastery buffer for Vaporize reaction by Ayato and Xiangling.

Kamisato Ayato guide and review-

The head of Kamisato Clan and the big brother of Kamisato Ayaka is finally debuting in game on March 29th. Ayato is a 5 star hydro character and wields a sword. Ayato will be played majorly in two roles - on field DPS with his elemental skill and off field support/Dps with his elemental burst. He will also get some scaling based on his max HP.

Ayato's Elemental skill is his on field damage dealing ability, Ayato will take a back stance to perform rapid sword slashes (15 without any buff). During this time his normal attack will be convert into hydro damage and will deal damage in AOE, also Ayato can not use charged and plunging attacks during this time.

Ayato's Elemental burst will provide off field hydro damage in a massive AOE. This burst will work exactly similar to that of Ganyu's burst. Additionally the characters in the AOE of burst will receive a damage buff to their normal attacks. After using his elemental burst Ayato will receive fix amount of energy periodically when when will be off field.

Level up materials and preparation for Ayato-

Kamisato Ayato genshin impact guide

As his ascensions material Ayato will need Varunada Lazurite (Hydro shards), Sakura Bloom, Handguards (Kairagi in Inazuma) and Dew of Repudiation (Hydro cube).

For the talent level-up Ayato will need, Elegance books (Tuesday/Friday/Sunday), Handguards (Kairagi in Inazuma), Raiden Shogun weekly boss drops for higher level talents.


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