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Ayaka rerun banner in Genshin Impact 2.6 - Is Ayaka still Worth to pull?

Ayaka's first rerun banner is finally here, Kamisato Ayaka will be once again featured in Genshin Impact on April 19th, Tuesday. After the release of Kamisato Ayato in first phase of 2.6, his younger sister Ayaka is in talk again.

Genshin Impact 2.6 Ayaka  Banner

Second phase of Genshin Impact Version 2.6 will feature only one character banner, Ayaka will be the 5 star whereas featured 4 stars will be Sayu, Rosaria and Razor. Along with character banner, a new weapon banner will also be there. The weapon banner will have Mistspliiter Reformed and The Unforged as 5 star banners.

The most famous and popular team comps for Ayaka is freeze comp. In this comp generally the places are reserved for 2 cryo units, 1 hydro unit and 1 anemo unit. Mona, Diona, Sucrose, Kazuha, Rosaria, Barbara, Venti are some of the viable characters to pair up with Ayaka in freeze comps. At this time also Ayaka is one of the strongest dps if not the strongest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 2.6 banner review-

After some insane banner is 2.5 and first phase of 2.6, some of the least desirable 4 star characters got their rerun. Firstly, the character banner featured one of the best dps and carry unit in game. Ayaka is without a doubt one of the strongest damage dealers in game and the best dps unit for a freeze composition.

Now the featured 4 star characters in this banner are what makes this a weaker banner, Rosaria is a great unit in every stage of game and has a decent pairing with Ayaka. But the rest two characters, Sayu and Razor are very mediocre. These two characters has negligible pick rate in higher levels as well as Abyss. Razor is a physical dps but has dipped down very low as compared to five stars and newer 4 star units. Sayu is a Anemo healer and is not a valuable unit in combat at all.

The weapon banner this time is also mediocre, while the feature 5 star weapon and Ayaka's signature sword - The Mistsplitter Reforged is one of the best weapon in game and without a doubt the best sword in Genshin. But the second five star - The Unforged is considered one of the weakest weapon in game. Also the four star weapons features the Favonius collection and Bell.

Now for Verdict, weapon banner is not worth it for F2P players at all. Not only this weapon banner but in general the weapon banners are not a good value for Primogems. Ayaka herself is a game changer unit for F2P players as well as everyone. You should highly consider to pull for her if you need a damage dealer in your team or lacking damage to move on further in Abyss. But in the end all the choices should depend on you, if you like the character go for it and don't dwell deeper in the ongoing meta.


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