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Astralis beat VP in quarterfinals of IEM Cologne | Astralis vs VP result

Astralis beat Vritus.Pro 2-1 in the first quarterfinals of IEM Cologne 2021. Astralis will be moving to Semi-Finals whereas sadly for VP this ends their journey in Cologne.

This quarterfinals series was one of the most epic series of IEM so far. The series was BO 3 and it went all 3 maps with first 2 games ending in overtime. In the end it felt like the LAN experience of Astralis prevails that of VP as in final map it looked like the VP and AStralis felt pressure and Astralis handled that pressure better.

Astralis will now face G2 esports in Semi-finals tomorrow. Astralis struggled in this "Online era" but they are looking good on this first LAN event in more than 500 days

Astralis vs VP quarterfinals result IEM Cologne-

Map 1 was Overpass, it was VP's pick. The game was tied at 15-15 at the end of both halves. The map went in OT where Astralis took it 19-16 and gained 1-0 series lead.

Map 2 was Dust 2 picked by Astralis. This map also went in OT but this it was 2 overtimes. VP completed an epic comeback as they saved 3 game point in second half and 3 in OT. VP took this map 22-20 and tied the series.

Final and decider map was Inferno. By previous stats both teams were pretty comfortable on this map. But it was pretty one sided as in the end Astralis took it 16-8 and took the series 2-1 to move onto semi-finals.


IEM Cologne Prize Pool-

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne will have a total of 1,000,000$ prize pool , which will be divided into all 24 teams.

1st $400,000

2nd $180,000

3rd-4th $80,000

5th-6th $40,000

7th-8th $24,000

9th-12th $16,00

13th-16th $10,000

17th-20th $4,500

21st-24th $2,500

IEM Cologne will be live streamed on Twitch on official channel of ESL_CSGO.


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