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Acend won Europe challengers 1 | Acend vs G2 VCT Challengers

Acend defeat G2 esports 3-1 in grand finals of VCT EU stage 3 challengers 1. This brings an end to Challengers 1 of stage 3 top 4 teams Acend, G2, Guild and FPX are qualified to Challengers playoffs where they will fight for a chance to go to Berlin Masters. The remaining 4 teams + 4 from open qualifiers will play Challengers 2 and will fight for remaining 2 spots for Challengers Playoffs.

After an underwhelming performance in stage 2 of VCT Europe the Acend team came out on top of Europe once again. Acend also won the stage 1 Europe VCT and was number 1 seed from EU region.

This challengers were also a great success for G2 despite their loss in finals. G2 struggled in stage 1 and stage 2 VCT and now finally are looking like a Top tier team as the roster is feeling good together.

The Grand finals were best of 5 but it only went 4 games, as Acend took care of the business in 4 games.

Map 1 Icebox 13-5

Map 2 Bind 13-2

Map 3 Ascent 6-13

Map 4 Haven 13-10

VCT Europe Challengers 1 result and prize pool-

1st €15,000 Challengers Playoffs Acend


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