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Acend wins Valorant Champions 2021, defeat Gambit in an epic Grand Finals

Acend defeat Gambit 3-2 in the Grand Finals of Valorant Champions 2021 and become the first ever team to win the Valorant World Championship. This grand finals BO5 series was undoubtedly the best final series of any Valorant event. Both these teams pushed each other to limits till the final map.

Acend wins Valorant Champions 2021

Acend won $350,00 USD and the title of world's best team, whereas Gambit $150,000 USD. All the participating teams will last receive a equal part from $7.5 million raised by the Champions skin bundle for the Valorant Champions. Acend's IGL Zeek was named Most valuable player of the tournament.

Acend vs Gambit grand finals results Valorant Champions-

The Grand Final of first ever Valorant Champions was played in between EMEA's first and second seed, Gambit and Acend. Acend was representing Europe whereas Gambit was representing CIS.

Map 1 was Breeze, Acend had a strong start with a 9-1 lead. Gambit then showed everyone that why they are the comeback king and pulled off and insane comeback in defending side. Gambit won Breeze 13-11 and took a 1-0 lead in this BO5 series.

Map 2 was Ascent, after a close first half Acend manage to pull ahead in second half to win the map 13-7 and tied the series 1-1. Map 3 was Fracture and a complete domination by Gambit. Gambit destroyed Acend on Fracture and won 13-2 to regain lead in the series.

Map 4 was Icebox and was a do or die map for Acend. Both these teams went head to head entire map and the result was an overtime. Acend managed to win 14-12 in OT behind some heroic individual plays.

The final and decider map of the Valorant Champions was Split. This map was the biggest and most important map for the entire career of both these teams, this map was played to be deciding the world's best team. After the first half the score was 7-5 in favour of Acend and they took that lead an momentum to win the map 13-8 and the won the Valorant Champions 2021.

Acend vs Gambit final result valorant champions

The grand finals was kicked off by a musical performance from PVRIS, Rezz, Grabitzz and Zedd. This opening ceremony for the grand finals of Valorant Champions was performed on an different stage and set with beautiful light show and effects.


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