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Acend dominates Liquid in Semi Finals of Valorant Champions, moves to Grand Finals

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Acend beat Liquid in semifinals and qualified to grand finals of Valorant Champions

Acend defeat Team Liquid 2-0 in semi finals of Valorant Champions 2021. Acend are now in the grand finals of Valorant Champions where they will face the winner of semifinal in between Gambit and KRU.

Team Liquid had a dent performance in Valorant's first ever world championship. Liquid finished the tournament with a 3rd-4th place finish and $90,000 USD. They will also receive a sum from the revenue generate by the Champions skin collection.


Acend vs Liquid semifinals results Valorant Champions-

European powerhouses Acend and Team Liquid faced each other in the first semi final of the Valorant Champions. Both these teams were equally skilled and matched going into this best of 3 series, but the result was unexpected.

Acend dominated Team Liquid in this series and won it 2-0 , bind 13-6 and Split 13-5. It was an combined effort for the Acend team in this victory but the IGL Zeek stepped up the most in this semi final on his Raze. It was a disappointed performance for team Liquid, they were unbeatable since the addition of Nivera but that streak is now broken by Acend in the semi finals of Valorant Championship in a devastated way.

Valorant Champions had a one day break in between the quarterfinals and semifinals, no games were played on Friday. The main reason for this break was to shift the entire stage, production and all other stuff to a different location. The reason behind that is unknown but Valorant surprised everyone by announcing that Zedd, PVRIS, Rezz and Grabbitz will perform on this stage on finals day on December 12, Sunday at 9 am PT


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