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100T signs Sean Gares and DDK as their head coach and general manager for Valorant roster

After a very rough 2022 season so far, 100Thieves had finally announced some changes for their Valorant team. 100T have acquired Sean Gares as their new head coach, Sean will be replacing Jovi as the head coach for the 100T Valorant roster. MikesHD will also be joining 100T as the assistant coach.

100 T valorant signs Sean Gares and DDK as head coach and general manager

The other announcement was the appointment of DDK as the general manager for the Valorant Team. 100T will be signing both DDK and Sean as the pair, they both have a lot of experience in working together and are good friends outside of the Valorant scene as well. This pair is known for their casting together in top NA Valorant events.

Sean Gares is known for his great analysis for the games he play. He was the IGL of one of the most iconic NA CSGO roster, from their he is known for his analytical and teaching streams, casting and analysis of pro games. Sean Gares was a hot pick as a coach for many big names in North America. Their were rumours that Sentinels as well as The Guard are looking to sign Sean Gares as the head coach. Therefore this singing of Sean together with DDK is a massive win for 100T organization.

In the announcement video both DDK and Sean has expressed the wish to make this roster reach new heights. Their instant goal is to complete the roster as currently they have two players on temporary contracts. Every one was expecting some major roster changes by 100T after a terrible VCT Challengers performance, and after this statement from Sean and DDK fans are expecting some crazy changes. Whether they will be continuing with the core of Hiko, Asuna and Ethan is also not sure.


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