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100T benches steel, moves b0i to active roster before VCT Last Chance Qualifiers

North American Valorant Roster 100T moved Joshua 'steel' Nissan to bench. Steel will be replaced by Aaron 'b0i'. He was a former player for Andbox, 100T signed him on July 5th as a bench player. 100T officially announced this statement on their twitter on September 2th.

Despite being a very successful stage 3 result by the 100T, the organisation decided to have this roster change so close to VCT Last Chance Qualifiers of North America. 100T finished 3rd-4th in VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin.

The CEO and Founder of 100T, Nadeshot in a stream said that they just need to "try something new and different".

After VCT Stage 3 and Stage 3 Master Berlin, 100T ended their VCT season 2021 at third place on NA circuit point leader board behind Sentinels and Envy. They have a chance to qualify for VCT 2021 Champions by winning NA Last Chance Qualifiers. They will face Luminosity in upper bracket quarterfinals. NA LCQ will start from September 12.

Current active 100T Valorant roster-

Hiko Spencer Martin

nitr0 Nicholas Cannella

Asuna Peter Mazuryk

Ethan Ethan Arnold

b0i Aaron Thao


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