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100T announce new Valorant roster, sign Baby J and ec1s

100 Thieves valorant has completed their roster by signing Baby J and EC1S. 100T announced these new signings on Jan 18 on their twitter. Along with these new players 100T also promoted Jovi to head coach, he will be taking position of rockets who is now the assistant coach for the 100 Thieves.

100T valorant sign BabyJ and ec1s to their roster

Baby J will be playing sentinels role for 100T. The 23 year old was a part of Faze roster in 2021 season. Faze are going looking to rebuild their roster for 2022 season so this opportunity is

EC1S is a 21 year old British player, he will be playing controller role for the team. Ec1s is known for his time spend with Team Liquid, as of latest he played for NiP till December of 2021 and was a free agent after that.

The owner of North American organisation Nadeshot talked about the Valorant roster and their future on his stream. It was a disappointment for them as they barely failed to qualify for the Valorant 2021 championship.

100T new valorant roster impressions-

100 Thieves has now officially completed their valorant roster with the new signings. The young star of the team Asuna will remain the main duellist for the team while ethan may take the secondary duellist role. Hiko will remain the initiator for team with his signature sova. The new signings will fill the rest of the roles, Baby J will be sentinel of team and ec1s will be controller/smoker of the team. Who will be the in game leader for the team is still not final as the team is super young and lack some experience other than Hiko.

100Thieves valorant roster-

  • Asuna

  • Ethan

  • Hiko

  • BabyJ

  • ec1s

  • Jovi (coach)


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